Terrell Grayson, Community College of Allegheny County

Terrell Grayson, an accomplished chef, committed to using his knowledge of food, nutrition and culinary arts to help fill the food insecurity gap of America’s 50 million hungry households, even if by one household at a time. His dedication to this issue began simply enough – an afternoon distributing fresh produce to lines of people experience food insecurity sponsored by Hosea (Williams) Feed the Hungry and Homeless. Examples of Terrell’s capacity and leadership to make significant differences to eradicate food deprivation include teaching others how to select and portion meals which last longer, creating “Fertile Ground”, a project that supports urban food gardens, preparing and serving nutritious meals for the homeless, and supervising the campus’ “Scouting for Food” drive. Terrell is an activist for change in other ways which significantly and positively impact food security. He founded “Changing Humanity Aiding Mankind Producing Intellectuals to Oversee Nations in Service (C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S Group, International), and introduced our college to FundingFactory’s recycling program that eases landfill volume. Terrell is motivated, has taken leadership roles and has contributed to public problem solving as evidenced by his active involvement in serious issues ranging from eradicating hunger, promoting literacy and improving the environment to serving the underserved in various regions of our nation, fundraising to rebuild a local church ravaged by fire and vandalism and using performance and the culinary arts as tools to help enlighten others. 

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