Tahil Sharma, University of La Verne

Tahil Sharma, a junior at the University of La Verne, is a student leader working closely with our local interfaith community on issues related to discrimination and prejudice, as well as issues of food insecurity. In response to the mass killings this past summer in Oak Creek, WI, Tahil developed a year-long educational series for the local community to learn about Sikhism, and to build resources for greater interfaith cooperation. In addition, Tahil has collaborated with our interfaith community on a student-led community garden initiative to address food insecurity in the Pomona Valley. Tahil is a recognized leader among his peers and the interfaith community. His depth of character and compassionate spirit draw people to him because it is authentic and purposeful. He has exceptional skills in bringing people together, motivating their passions, educating and then inspiring people to act together for the common good. Tahil has tremendous abilities as a civic leader, and his engagement with the interfaith community, locally and nationally, will be felt in years to come.

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