Shana Washington, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Shana Washington is one young woman who has not only gotten involved in her community, but has also helped her peers to become more civically informed and engaged citizens. In addition to being an outstanding and model student, Shana serves as the Student Government Association’s President (2012-2013) and is active in various campus organizations. She demonstrates strong leadership, determination, and drive through her efforts to transform and uplift the student body and campus community. Shana established the BEAWARE Committee (Black Election Awareness) charged with informing and preparing students for civic engagement during the 2012 Presidential Election. She also served as UMES’ student spokeswoman in support of the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus and funding for HBCUs. As a member of the UMES Football Feasibility Study Task Force she played a vital role in giving UMES students a voice in the task force recommendations to the University’s leadership on whether to reinstate UMES football. Shana has worked diligently to raise awareness and get students involved on both campus and in our broader communities. She continuously promotes a positive campus culture and learning environment.

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