Sable Phillippi, Concordia University Portland

Sable Phillippi, a junior at Concordia University Portland, has played a critical role in addressing the issue of poor academic achievement and behavioral performance within the K-12 educational system in the Portland, Oregon. As a part of Sable’s Leadership Development 200 Service Learning Leadership course, she coordinates a critical after school mentorship program in partnership with the Portland Public Schools or Schools Uniting Neighborhood Program (S.U.N). Using Performing Arts as the avenue to build strong positive mentorship relationships between CU student mentors and 3rd-8th grade at risk students, the Performing Arts Corps program as increased both the levels of academic achievement and healthy behavioral performance over 37% since the beginning of the program in 2011. Sable actively attends consistent meetings with representatives from the Portland Public Schools District and S.U.N after school initiative in order to sustain and increase the reach of the Concordia University Performing Arts Corps Program to multiple schools in the Portland metro area. She is passionate about addressing the need for increasing the mental, emotional, and physical health of K-12 students to encourage their scholastic success at the local level. Sable has a teachable attitude, which is a fantastic compliment to her vision for other Concordia students to become community engaged citizens.

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