Ruth Rickenbacher, Flathead Valley Community College

Ruth Rickenbacher, sophomore and Phi Theta Kappa honor student at Flathead Valley Community College, dedicates her time between school, family, work and volunteering. The single mom of two boys is committed to the mantra of what makes a humanitarian. In 2011, Ruth began a quest to make a difference in order to create a better community and became the college’s Renewable Resources Club coordinator. Through her leadership, Ruth helped to recycle and reduce waste on campus, recruit volunteers to further educate others about renewable resources, and create awareness through interactive activities and initiatives. Ruth’s passion for sustaining our planet’s resources inspired her to introduce the college’s first clothing swap events, institute a carpooling program, and coordinate Earth Matters Week, which included a campus-wide clean-up activity, documentary screenings, various workshops and a family carnival, to educate the college and community on issues facing our planet. Currently, Ruth serves as assistant editor of the college student newspaper. In this role, she continues to deliver positive messages recognizing volunteerism while promoting AmeriCorps and service learning opportunities. As an advocate, Ruth has inspired others to be proactive. She hopes that by setting an example, her impact will create more engaged citizens.

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