Rebecca Berkowitz, Penn State Brandywine

Through her volunteer activities and academic pursuits, Rebecca Berkowitz has devoted herself to helping individuals and groups in need. As a student at Penn State Brandywine, she has both volunteered for and organized initiatives that have served the community. Through her enthusiasm, other students have demonstrated support for the causes she is passionate. As an officer for the student volunteer club We Are Penn State M.A.D.E. (Making a Difference Everyday), she has become a visible presence on campus. Her “can do” spirit has motivated others to get involved. The walk for Multiple Sclerosis, for example, held at a nearby park happened to fall on a day of pouring rain. Rebecca did not let that stop her. She said, “It was pouring the day of the event, but I knew it was for a good cause and that gave me the motivation to get out there.” In her spare time, her favorite activity is helping out at Philabundance, the region’s largest food bank.

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