Reaz Khan, Adelphi University

Reaz Khan is a senior at Adelphi Univerity. Although he is a senior, the level and quality of his work in various activities are worthy of note. His deep interest in social justice and cultural understanding has led hm to explore how their intersection with faith can make the world in which we live a better place. As a result, he began to work with the University’s Interfaith Center to encourage interfaith dialogue on campus. These explorations and experiences have also led to his work in non profit organizations such as the National Urban League, where he served as an intern, working with underserved communities in entrepreneurship programs to promote social empowerment and success. Mr. Khan also volunteered to work on an urban form in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans to promote sustainable farming strategies in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Reaz has a proven track record as not only an effective team member and role model, but also as a leader.

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