Rachel Barnes, University of Utah

Since Rachel started at the University of Utah, her passion, energy, and service have been focused on the issue of healthcare. Specifically, Rachel has spent time researching accessibility and cost of healthcare, and she has designed an extensive policy proposal on the subject for her Truman Scholarship application. She has participated in the Patient Experience Project, as well as a think tank on the uneasy intersection of law and medicine, both through the University of Utah’s Honors College. As a part of the Patient Experience Project, Rachel designed a program to increase the number of advance directives on patients’ electronic medical records. Her project specifically focused on minority populations and college-aged students, as both of these populations are typically underserved when it comes to end of life care. This project has resulted in a collaborative effort between the University of Utah and Intermountain Healthcare. Through her coursework and her community involvement, Rachel has showed her ability to think critically about social issues. Her spirit of involvement and advocacy is contagious, and has greatly benefited our campus community. As a college student she has been a powerful agent for change, and undoubtedly she will continue as one throughout her career.

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