Paul Hart, Montana Tech

Paul Hart, a veteran and non-traditional aged sophomore at Highlands College of Montana Tech majoring in Historic Preservation, is passionately dedicated to the preservation of some of Montana’s most valuable but fragile historic sites. For the past few years, Paul has participated (and continues to participate) in the preservation of Nevada City, one of Montana’s living history museums. Through his leadership, Highlands College’s Construction Technology students and Lineman Program students joined together with the Nevada City Living History Museum and the Montana Heritage Commission to install a photovoltaic solar power array and period-appropriate street lights at the Nevada City Living History Museum – thus literally and figuratively allowing 21st Century technology to shine a sustainable light on Montana’s historic past. The solar array is large enough to offset the museum’s entire electric bill. Paul evidences a collegial confidence and composure – whether speaking to a corporate board or working with tradesmen at historic sites. Paul’s quiet but productive life mission is engaging others to preserve our history in order to benefit our future.

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