Paige Church, Catawba Valley Community College

Paige Church has been a leader from Day One at Catawba Valley Community College. For both her years here, Ms. Church served with distinction as a Student Government (SGA) officer. In her first year, Ms. Church was instrumental in establishing the Buc’s Cupboard, a food pantry for CVCC students. When college staff suggested that we had hungry students, Paige picked up on the need and was determined to make a difference. She met with many college officials to find a space where food could be stockpiled and distributed. After many weeks, Ms. Church and her colleagues found a location for the pantry and tackled the task of establishing rules of use, developing an inventory system, and tracking pantry use. Once again, Paige led in each of these important tasks. Paige Church has a special gift for communication. In this, she is creative and positive, easily making connections with others. She has been a leader in communications between students and their SGA officers and in developing themes for student celebrations. This is a trait that will serve her well when she reaches her goal of being the “best middle school teacher ever”.

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