Njeri Clement, St. Cloud State University

Njeri Clement, will soon complete her undergraduate studies and is already taking graduate coursework in the Social Responsibility Masters program at St. Cloud State University (SCSU). She is deeply involved in community education, organizing, and fundraising, related to women and children’s issues in Africa. She serves as board member and chair of program development for Ngatha International. Ngatha International orphanage provides education and a home for children whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS. Njeri is currently organizing local community leaders and health care providers to assist in funding, building and providing equipment for a new health care facility for the orphanage. Njeri speaks locally to a variety of groups seeking her expertise on women and children’s issues in Africa. Recently, she has addressed the American Association of University Women, Senior Connection, and participants at the SCSU Global Social Responsibility Conference. She has engaged in internships with the SCSU Volunteer Connection program, National Association for Mental Illness, and the retired and Senior Volunteer Program in St. Cloud. She demonstrates her passion for leadership and service by engaging in educational experiences like the MN Campus Compact Student Leadership Summit, the MN Association for Volunteer Administration – Volunteer Leadership Resource Training series, the Tri-College New Leadership Development Institute, and the SCSU Leadership Exploration and Development conference. Njeri channels these experiences to assist in igniting action locally and globally for peace and social justice.

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