Morgan Stevens, Goucher College

Morgan Stevens is a dynamic leader both within the communities of Goucher College and Baltimore City and County. She began her leadership role during Goucher College’s early immersion program, FOSTER. This formative experience introduced her to Baltimore, and fueled her community service involvement. During her freshman year, Morgan worked weekly with seventh grade students from the Barclay School in Baltimore City serving as a mentor. She also enthusiastically participated in the Emerging Leaders Initiative. Additionally, Morgan has co-facilitated a weekly knitting workshop with female inmates at the Baltimore County Detention Center. In the fall of her sophomore year, she became a Connections facilitator and continues to help first-year students adjust to the Goucher experience. This spring, she is working with the Academic Center of Excellence to reach out to the students who are on academic probation, and is a valued member of the Civil Engagement Task Force, a campus-wide initiative working to build strong connections between all of the community service organizations and assorted clubs that exist on campus so that Goucher can make a significant impact as a more unified front. She is committed to being involved in creating change on campus and in the regional community.

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