Melvin Holmes, Widener University

Melvin Holmes serves as a Widener Community Fellow by participating in 300 hours of service a year in Chester, PA by actively engaging in leadership retreats and weekly leadership development programs as the Campus and Community Collaborations Coordinator. He is an active representative of the Office of Civic Engagement and promotes service opportunities for students across the Widener Campus. Melvin effectively builds the capacity of the Office of Civic Engagement by recruiting students for one-time and ongoing service programs. He is enthusiastic, professional and responsible in all his duties as a Community Fellow. Melvin actively seeks out opportunities to fill leadership roles in the Community Fellows program and in his many other activities. He follows through with commitments and provides a positive example for other students in his passion for social change. Melvin consistently shows his passion for positive change through his dedication to service. He is a role model for other students and is able to balance his many responsibilities, including those of Resident Assistant, and leadership roles in multiple organizations, including NAACP and Phi Delta Theta.

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