Mary Margaret Saulters, University of Mississippi

Mary Margaret Saulters is an important campus and community leader, someone who has thoughtfully applied her skills and interests to positively impact the lives of low-income and homeless people in Mississippi. As a College Corps member, she has focused on issues of food security, not only studying our local and regional challenges, but also taking positive action to address those challenges. She has partnered with ICM, a local non-profit dedicated to homeless families, and she has made many contributions. Mary Margaret has helped this agency create a professional intake process and tracking system; she has organized fundraisers; and she has created a social-entrepreneurship venture to raise funds and awareness. She has also innovated on campus, leading a student and faculty group in the creation of the UM Food Bank, a food pantry to serve students experiencing food insecurity. Mary Margaret is an inspiring student, a collaborative leader, and a person of positive and contagious energy. 

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