Liz Schmitt, Texas Christian University

Liz Schmitt, a senior at Texas Christian University, is passionate about how issues surrounding power and privilege affect local, national and global communities. In her social work field placement at a resident facility for people living with HIV/AIDS, Liz facilitates a women’s empowerment group that views clients as experts of their own lives and allows participants to learn from one another. Liz also facilitates experiences for her peers to expose them to the underlying causes of social issues and to cultivate informed student action. The curriculum she developed and facilitates for student service leaders and service break trip participants strengthens her peers’ leadership capacity by guiding students through a process of self-reflection and community understanding. A strong proponent of participatory democracy, most of Liz’s community work focuses on bringing every voice to the table, especially those traditionally seen in a client role. With a growing commitment to group-centered leadership and the contributions of those traditionally marginalized by society, Liz is sure to enact immeasurable positive change as a social worker or community organizer. 

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