Leroy Christensen, Weber State University

Leroy Christensen, a junior pursuing a dual major in botany and zoology at Weber State University, has been advocating for environmental sustainability for the last 3 years through his involvement in the Environmental Initiatives Club on campus and Power Shift at the national level. He has facilitated educational and awareness raising events through The Green Bus Tour for elementary schools, dumpster dives for recyclable materials, and a light bulb exchange program for campus and the wider community which has resulted in 500 light bulbs exchanged reducing 6,500,000 pounds of carbon dioxide in the air annually. Leroy, an environmental advocate, has been instrumental in establishing a sustainability fund on campus and fighting against the construction of a nuclear power plant in the second driest state in the U.S. What continues to set Leroy apart is his strategic approach to addressing environmental sustainability, which includes both awareness raising and behavioral changes at the individual level coupled with advocacy and action at the structural level.

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