LaTierra Piphus, University of Wisconsin – Parkside

LaTierra Piphus, a senior majoring in Communications and minoring in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, is deeply committed to educating individuals on campus and in the surrounding communities about violence against youth and women; supporting LGBTQ people of color; and changing the way under-represented individuals are portrayed in the media. As a student leader, LaTierra has established two student organizations – Sisters In Action, dedicated to women’s empowerment, leadership, and academic success, and Agents for Liberation, dedicated to the education of students, faculty/staff, and community members regarding social injustices and cultural diversity pertinent to LGBTQ people of color. LaTierra’s community outreach includes active participation in AmeriCorps, Racine County’s Women’s Resource Center SafeStart Youth Council, the LGBT Center of Southeast Wisconsin where she co-facilitated the Making It Better Now! LGBT youth support group, and the Women and Children’s Horizons organization which helps victims of domestic violence. LaTierra recently expanded her horizons during a 5-week study abroad experience in Kenya, Africa. Upon her return, she showcased her experiences through a campus-wide presentation entitled “Gender, Race & Class in Kenya.” As she prepares to pursue a Master’s in Media Literacy, it goes without saying that LaTierra will continue to shed light on these important issues.

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