Kristin Pollard, University of Rhode Island

Kristin Pollard approaches addressing the root cause of social issues by not only role modeling active participation in the community but also a true desire to dig deep into the systemic causes of community issues. She understands the importance of engagement at all levels from hands on direct community service to grassroots organizing and policy change. She has demonstrated a passion for human rights and social justice through her work with University of Rhode Island (URI) Habitat for Humanity and South County Habitat for Humanity. Although only a sophomore, Kristin has dedicated countless hours of service to URI and beyond and it is estimated that she has contributed over 1000 hours of service to URI, Rhode Island and the country. She also seeks to take her passion, dedication and talents abroad to work towards social justice and women’s rights in South Africa. Although Kristin does not underestimate the power of a single act of kindness, as it can ignite a desire to continue serving, she believes she has the capacity to go beyond that single act and make it her life’s work.

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