Kia Burton McLaughlin, Greenfield Community College

Kia Burton McLaughlin is in her second full year at Greenfield Community College. Kia has been a very active member of the GCC community, role model and leader and is an excellent student academically. Kia has contributed to the community by serving as a member of student senate, orientation leader, member of the campus diversity committee and participates in the Students in Recovery and their allies club. Kia also served as a summer associate last summer through the Massachusetts Campus Compact program. She provided counsel and programming for women who faced significant obstacles accessing higher education. Currently Kia serves as a peer mentor in our student success class funded by a grant from the Western Women’s Fund and populated by the group previously referenced. Kia has close connections with campus administrators, faculty, staff and our community partners. Kia has formed and nurtured relationships with agencies such as Montague Catholic Social Services, The Recover Project and Center for New Americans. She was instrumental in the securing of gathering space for students in recovery. Kia is respected and well known throughout the community for her ability to mentor, advise, serve as a role model and build connections. She understands the role of a community college and maintains her success while raising two children. Kia is in integral part of our community and a gifted leader. 

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