Kalli Miner, Loras College

Kalli Miner, a junior at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa, possesses an intense passion for social justice and human rights issues. Her role on campus as Student Coordinator of the Father Ray Herman Peace and Justice center has given Kalli the ability to be active in spreading the word about social justice issues to the campus community and beyond. Furthermore, her extensive experience in working within immigrant communities and schools in both the Chicago-land and Dubuque areas has given her a first-hand look at issues on immigration policy, income disparity, and the country’s growing education gap. This experience, along with her participation and planning of a variety social action demonstrations, has inspired her to be a strong advocate for underrepresented populations. As a result, Kalli has worked closely with community coalitions, the Iowa Human Rights Department, and lobbied both state and federal representatives in an effort to be a voice for the voiceless and improve the lives of countless underrepresented persons. Lastly, Kalli’s conducting of a four year project exploring the connection between city demographics and peace building efforts, further exemplifies her unmatched passion for civic service and unending pursuit for answers to the world’s bigger questions.

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