Joel Geier, Wartburg College

Joel Geier started Knights Integrating Developmental Sports (KIDS). KIDS is a nonprofit organization interested in providing athletic equipment and opportunities for young children who are currently in a place where sports are not a part of their everyday lives. Sports are not simply a way to get kids into shape, it provides an outlet for them where they can explore themselves and find something that they truly enjoy. KIDS is beginning its efforts by looking to provide low-income and under privileged schools and neighborhoods with certain athletic equipment. The eventual goal being that KIDS will serve communities nationally and globally. Every dollar raised will go towards supplying children with the chance to enjoy sports and hopefully bring smiles to as many children as possible. Joel’s fundraising efforts include selling bracelets and t-shirts. In early April, he will be hosting a walk/run-a-thon  on campus  to raise money with plans for another fundraiser in his hometown over the summer. Joel looks forward to dedicating myself to KIDS and growing it into a successful organization.

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