Jarrod Warnock, Oklahoma State University

Jarrod Warnock, a sophomore at Oklahoma State University is providing leadership for students to get involved with the community. He has connected city and campus by working with civic and city officials and self-sufficient college students. The students are helping elderly and infirm homeowners clean-up and beautify their properties and the local community. Through his organizational skills, he has improved the community aesthetic appeal by doing service projects. Jarrod who is majoring in biochemistry, plans to design sustainable programs and will be working to improve people’s lives at state and local levels. His experience in helping to design and implement this program for student populations and the community will help him plan and implement larger events in the future. Jarrod has supervised students with community service cleanup events including INTO THE STREETS for local citizens in the past. He is constantly training new students for sustainability of the new program. So far over 150 man hours have been accomplished through the OSU Campus Community Cleanup program. He has contributed an increased capacity for service and opened communication lines between the campus and city offices including the city manager, police department, code enforcement, and marketing department.

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