James Robert Daniell, The Citadel

Cadet James Robert Daniell III, a sophomore Psychology major at The Citadel, is a passionate advocate for youth who need to overcome great obstacles to succeed academically and psychosocially. In spite of heavy academic and military schedule demands Robert has volunteered every semester (as well as in the summer) for school-based and after-school programs serving youth living in poverty and has been singled out by community partners as truly exceptional in the quality of his work. He has demonstrated concern, insight, and commitment to address the pressing needs of literacy, motivation, and well-being in high-risk youth. He is collaborating on the development and application of a new positive psychology-based SMART Strengths curriculum in some of Charleston’s most challenged middle and high schools. As a co-presenter in two peer-reviewed workshops at the 2012 NC Campus Compact PACE conference he shared his passion and knowledge about service learning with other students, faculty, and administrators. He has collaborated on scholarly activities to document the impact of service learning and will present his first program impact research at the Southeastern Psychological Association meeting in March. Robert is well on his way to being a leader who inspires change and opportunity for disadvantaged youth.

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