Henry Gwynn, Tallahassee Community College

Henry Gwynn, sophomore at Tallahassee Community College (TCC), is the founder and President of TCC’s chapter of PeaceJam International, an organization dedicated to finding and solving the root causes of social issues worldwide. Henry’s lifelong love of gardening has led this organization to become an active part of community gardening in the Tallahassee area and they have been instrumental in developing and maintaining gardens for the local Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club, and local after-school programs. In fall 2012, the organization, under Henry’s direction, started a community garden at Tallahassee Community College, which has grown to offer food for students and the opportunity for positive social interactions among students. Henry’s work is informed by his understanding that even in a country marked by abundance, there are pockets of “food deserts” where healthy, organic food is unavailable at a reasonable cost, if at all. His life’s mission is to not only provide that resource to these communities but to use the experience of gardening to educate others about plant life and sustainable living. Henry plans to major in biophysics and minor in botany to prepare him for the establishment of a local educational and commercial Permaculture farm in our community.

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