Daniel Bowers, La Salle University

Daniel Bowers, a junior at La Salle University, is a student leader in many areas of social justice and unmet human needs. Dan believes that it is vital to seek the root causes of social issues AND make a lasting impact on those that need assistance most. He does this by encouraging other students to get involved in the fight against AIDS and the struggle for dignity for those living with HIV and AIDS. Dan recognizes that he has great potential to contribute to public problem solving. He strives to find ways to make the world a better place and considers starting in the local community the best way to begin. As he says, “If we can solve the problems of the community we live in, then that will turn into making significant progress in our world.” Dan’s passion and enthusiasm attract other students to these causes. The impact of his commitment and leadership extends beyond campus, into the lives of community partners, HIV+ individuals in Philadelphia, and families in the Dominican Republic.

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