Courtney Mitchell, University of North Georgia

Courtney Mitchell, a senior at University of North Georgia, demonstrates an understanding of public policy issues, a willingness to engage with challenging problems, and a talent for working on effective policy design. Interning with Lumpkin County, she revised the civil service plan and employee handbook, both of which were unanimously passed by the Board of Commissioners. In addition, Ms. Mitchell was given the sensitive task of drafting an update to the Emergency Response plan for the county. At UNG, she was invited to work with faculty writing a revised edition of The Basics of American Government, a textbook that offers case studies illustrating key concepts and ideas. She served as a research assistant and contributed to drafting the chapter covering Georgia policy issues. She is also active in community programming, such as Autism Speaks and coaching special needs children in soccer. She is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, the national community service organization. Ms. Mitchell’s generous spirit, serious work ethic, and hands-on community involvement demonstrate that she is a young leader who is on track to help to solve the public problems and create a better, safer world.

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