Connor Romenesko, St. Norbert College

Connor Romenesko began to differentiate himself early on by his passion for positive change as well as his visibility on campus. He is President of his fraternity, an elected representative to the Student Government Association, and has been a visible leader in various peace and justice efforts on and off campus. Connor, a sophomore at St. Norbert College, is an active leader in several forms of promoting justice and engagement. He is an intern in the Norman Miller Center for Peace, Justice & Public Understanding. This has enabled Connor to work for justice in many ways and to lead other members of the campus community. During the election this year he led a voter registration drive and was able to register over 70 voters on campus as well as personally driving close to 80 voters to the polling sites. He has taken a leadership role in promoting human rights internationally and domestically by advocating for issues such as healthcare, violence against women, and international aid. He has served in inner-city Chicago schools, as well as St. Lucia through the College’s TRIPS program.

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