Christina Neitzey, UNC Charlotte

Christina Neitzey joined the UNC Charlotte family with energy and focus toward public service as a freshman in the Levine Scholars Program. She explores the experience of children and families in the judicial system by combining a multidisciplinary academic curriculum, internship experience at the local and national levels, and purposeful civic engagement. Her work as a Guardian ad Litem and at the public defender’s office has provided an unfiltered look at the experience of children and families in the courts. Coupled with experience at the National Institute of Justice, she is able to see the intention and impact of public policy on those seeking justice. As a leader on campus and a young innovator in the community, Ms. Neitzey works to promote awareness and education to protect children. Her studies in the fields of Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Psychology provide a unique perspective of the powerful intersection of research, policy development and the judicial system when it comes to serving society’s most vulnerable members. Her future study of law and continued involvement with local advocacy organizations drive her ongoing service activities. After returning from international study in Spain, she will continue to pursue a “big picture” understanding of the needs of abused and neglected children.

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