Caleb Rollins, Valparaiso University

Caleb Rollins, a Valparaiso University sophomore, is using his college experience to better understand the many challenges facing our world, offer solutions, and lead others to do the same. An International Service major and student team member for the Lutheran Malaria Initiative, Caleb is working with others to end preventable diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa. He will spend the first semester of his junior year in Namibia studying social justice and community development. At the same time Caleb is exploring how to empower Millennials around major causes such as the prevention of disease, mental illness, and domestic hunger, by conducting research on patterns of student civic engagement at Valpo and identifying ways to connect student groups around common issues and catalyze more effective responses. Caleb is also part of Valpo’s growing movement for interfaith dialogue and service. Active in the university’s Chapel of the Resurrection as an usher and social justice leader, he has joined with other Christian and Muslim students to foster interfaith understanding across Valpo’s richly diverse student body. In his faith life, studies, and activism, Caleb is always seeking out underlying challenges and building mechanisms for meaningful change.

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