Brittany Johnk, West Virginia Wesleyan College

Brittany Johnk, a junior at West Virginia Wesleyan College, is committed to education and social justice issues locally, nationally, and internationally. As a WE LEAD peer council member, Brittany has coordinated projects resulting in over 3,000 non-perishable items being collected for local food pantries as well as raising awareness of food insecurity both in Upshur County and abroad by leading a hunger banquet with more than 100 student attendees in her sophomore year. When she learned of the local high school dropout rate, she decided to take action by beginning a mentoring program at the middle school entitled DO IT (Decisions & Opportunities Impact Tomorrow). She built a relationship with the administration at the middle school, recruited and trained college mentors, and reached out to parents of identified ‘at-risk’ youth. Her passion for this work has positioned her as a leader both on and off campus, earning the respect and admiration of all who know her. As she prepares for a career in community development, she will undoubtedly be able to draw on her experiences and her legacy will continue as the mentoring program continues to grow and make a lasting impact for local at-risk youth.

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