Audrey Econom, Montana State University Billings

Audrey Econom, a sophomore at Montana State University billings, is the Education Chair for the Student United Way on campus. Audrey’s dedication and passion in the area of service is truly commendable. Audrey has been a part of Student United Way, a student-led volunteer organization, for two years, and is in her first year as part of the Student United Way Executive Committee. Audrey is currently the head of a campus-wide book drive and partnership with a local literacy center. Audrey believes that literacy, and getting kids excited about school and reading, is a key factor when looking at high dchool drop-out rates. A new literacy center in Billings will not only be for the recipients of the books collected, but Audrey will ensure there are students going down each week to read the books to the children. It is not difficult to see that Audrey is truly passionate about literacy and working with children in her community. Her dedication and drive is something that will continue to engage and inspire those around her.

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