Ari Lindenbaum, University of South Carolina – Columbia

Ari Lindenbaum, a junior in the Honor’s College at the University of South Carolina demonstrates a genuine commitment to community involvement and service. Through his servant leadership, Ari has shown that he possesses the initiative and passion necessary to address problems of homelessness and poverty. As a music major and president of Communities in Harmony, Ari has been “instrumental” in sharing his love of music with young people living in transitional housing in Columbia, SC. In his mentoring role, Ari teaches these young people the practical skill of combining instrumental music and lyrics and through music instruction. Ari also mentors these students in their musical journey and fosters their confidence. Ari’s leadership through research goes well beyond showing a slice of the issue; his passion in advocating for the marginalized population that he “studied” has become something that inspires others toward action. Through his leadership in Homelessness and Hunger Week at the University of South Carolina, Ari helped his peers understand the causes of the issue by giving the homeless their own voice and inviting them to share their stories in various venues across campus. He is a true advocate and clearly passionate about caring for those in greatest need.

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