Alexandra Taylor, Westminster College

Alex Taylor is actively involved in a variety of leadership organizations, including Sigma Kappa, Student Westminster Admissions Team, Fresh Start, Student Alumni Association, Kappa Delta Pi, and Lambda Sigma. Her participation in these groups has allowed her to develop leadership skills, demonstrate commitment to her community, good judgement, and responsible citizenry. As an engaged member of the greater campus community, Alex participates in the PA Campus Compact Community Fellows program. As a Community Fellow, in AY 2012-13, she will complete over 300 hours of service to the organization of her choice, Royal Family Kids Camp (RFKC). The RFKC is a national non-profit organization that provides summer camp experience for physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually abused children (ages 7-11). Alex serves as a camp counselor and assists in the year-round fundraising and promotional efforts necessary to support the tuition free attendance of the campers. Alex has consistently been a leader among her peers. She is trustworthy, reliable, and has shown deep commitment to community-based involvement and solutions. She is a leader in civic-engagement issues, and she is an inspiration to others.

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