Zane Garner

Lindsey Wilson College

Zane is a political science major, currently in his third year, with minors in criminal justice and women’s and gender studies. He has a passion for serving those who are seeking justice and fair treatment and plans to turn that passion into a career in law. Zane has served for the past three years at the County Attorney’s office as an intern with the Victim Advocacy department, connecting his classroom learning with a real-world application of helping those in need. He is passionate about civic and political engagement, and this passion has led him to become very active within our campus government. Through his various leadership roles in Student Government, Zane has worked to promote voter engagement, education, and participation through organizing voter rallies and fundraisers on campus, with plans to promote voting, small groups, and discussions in the future. Zane believes that systemic change comes about through the everyday work of building bipartisan relationships and understanding, educating voters, and helping others to engage personally in the work of democracy.

William Luckey
Lindsey Wilson College

Personal Statement

I originally became interested in politics after taking a political course in high school. By learning how change within our society is championed through politics, I realized the importance of becoming involved. With the 2016 election occurring during this time, I had an influx of information at my disposal, which led me to research policy positions as well as candidates. I become very vocal and involved in my community and among my fellow students and found a passion for this field. I recognized the importance of voting and ensuring that your voice is heard through this constitutional right. This encouraged me to pursue positions such as Senator-At Large, President of the Junior class, and Vice President of the Young Democrats, along with being an election judge and serving with local elected officials. By serving within these positions for the past three years, I have worked to make a positive impact on my college campus and community. Ultimately, change within our society, change within our government, and change within our world begins through our engagement within our community and the political process. I believe everyone’s voice matters and should be heard.

Zane Garner
Political Science: Class of 2021
written 2020

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