Zachary Clausen

Great Falls College Montana State University

Zachary Clausen, a current student at Great Falls College Montana State University (GFC MSU), is a student leader active in civic engagement. Zachary, a member of Montana DeMolay, has participated in International Congress Sessions. After attending International Congress, he volunteered locally in response to needs such as hunger and homelessness. Through DeMolay, Zachary developed leadership skills preparing him for his future. Zachary serves as the President of the Associated Students of GFC MSU. In this role, he has been active in statewide efforts to engage students in their education and campus life. Zachary is a strong voice supporting students and feels they need to have a sense of belonging and purpose, not only on campus, but also in our community. He encourages students to take part in events and build life-enhancing relationships. Zachary is no stranger to adversity and the will to overcome. While in high school, he was involved in an automobile accident resulting in serious injuries. Zachary came away from the accident stronger and more determined to persevere. He inspires students to challenge themselves in order to achieve academic and personal greatness. Zachary encourages students to become involved for the betterment of society as a whole.

Susan Wolff
Great Falls College Montana State University

Personal Statement

I've been involved in a youth group called DeMolay that takes pride in the influence they have on grooming the future generation of leaders not only in our community but in communities around the world. DeMolay is a premier youth leadership organization that focuses its efforts on building young men of character and dedicating themselves to making young men better people and leaders. DeMolays take part in a wide-range of activities from public speaking tournaments, to taking part in many community service events. I owe much of my leadership and community service experience to DeMolay. Through this organization I have found myself not only as a leader but as a person as well. I have found the confidence in myself to speak out against things I disagree with and speak positive of things I support. I've shown my leadership abilities by serving as student body president at Great Falls College MSU. Hearing students stress their concerns and issues that they are faced with on our campus and seeing those be addressed is very important to me. Through these tremendous life experiences my eyes have been opened to the multiple opportunities we are given to be leaders in our communities everyday.

Zachary Clausen
Industrial Technology AAS: Class of May 2019
written 2018

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