Zachary Bragg

Ohio Northern University

Zachary Bragg, a second year Pharmacy major, and Psychology and Chemistry double minor at Ohio Northern University is a student leader and is engaged in numerous organizations who are paving the way for a stronger community, locally and regionally.
A member of the Honors Program, Zach is currently a member of the leadership team for Habitat for Humanity, a member of the Boy Scouts and most notably has teamed up with the Village of Ada to work with Village Council on the creation of a Dog Park in our community; a project many citizens have hoped to accomplish for several years. Zach realizes the importance of helping and making a difference in the community in which he resides during his college career.
Additionally, he is actively involved in Relay for Life and St. Jude's Research Hospital as a partner in the fight against cancer.

Daniel DiBiasio
Ohio Northern University

Personal Statement

In my short time, here at Ohio Northern University I have taken strides to create positive change not only within my university but the surrounding community as well. As president of my social fraternity I have worked alongside my executive committee to plan numerous campus events for both Relay for Life and St. Jude's Research Hospital to aid in their fight against cancer. I am also partnering with the Village Council to establish a local dog park for the college and community to enjoy. I want to strengthen the link between our university and the village community that has given us so much. Moreover, I am pursuing mental health awareness and plan to increase its presence on campus. Mental health has always been a topic personal to me, and even inspired me to pursue my pharmacy degree with an interest in research and drug development. Raising awareness on this topic will be beneficial to not only my campus community but the surrounding area as well. I firmly believe that one positive catalyst for change can spark that fire in others, and I am working start the chain reaction here at ONU

Zachary Bragg
Doctor of Pharmacy Program, Psychology & Chemistry, Double Minor: Class of 2021
written 2017

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