Yoselin Rodriguez-Diaz

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Yoselin Rodriguez-Diaz, a junior at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, is a student leader committed to addressing the issue of food insecurity on our campus. She has worked to identify student needs and address issues of awareness and access through her collaborative work with student government and other campus entities. She has played a vital role in the expansion of the campus food pantry by identifying grants and partnerships to address student needs. Her next step is to launch the Swipe Out Hunger Campaign on campus and to host a campus-wide education program on food insecurity.

President Bryon Clark
Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Personal Statement

I first became involved in addressing the issue of the food insecurity among the collegiate level, when the student organization I am apart of became aware of where the food pantry was located on my campus. It was to my surprise that the university’s current food pantry was not being used as frequently and lacking the resources to help benefit many students on campus who suffer from food insecurities. I knew then I had to work to help provide the food resources for students who are simple striving to receive a higher education. College students struggle and make sacrifices, just like me or anyone else they are also deserving of a nice meal. I began working among the student organization I am in where we have done several projects surrounding the food pantry and actively advocating to making a change for students on campus. This specific food pantry project has been student led with awesome support from faculty and staff from various departments, who have met eagerly and actively involved to solve the arising social issue of food insecurity on our campus and within the community.

Yoselin Rodriguez-Diaz
Biology/Chemistry: Class of 2022
written 2020

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