Yetunde Smalls

Ithaca College

Yetunde is an incredible student leader, who demonstrates great persistence in creating and sustaining positive change at Ithaca College, in the classroom, and in our community. Yetunde is an MLK Scholar, which places her within a cohort-based learning community that develops current leaders into global citizens committed to promoting a legacy of social justice and equity inspired by the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. An exemplary student, she upholds and lives our institutional values of academic excellence, respect and accountability, innovation, sustainability, and equity. Yetunde also serves our community as a student member of the college's board of trustees, where she demonstrates great passion for community leadership and provides a critical and key student perspective around issues of the student experience and our campus climate. Yetunde's reach extends further than these formal appointments. She founded the Black History Committee, which creates and develops black history programming designed to promote cultural awareness and support students of color. She is also a co-founder of "Embrace", a publication that thoughtfully curates student narratives and amplifies identities that are often marginalized.

President Shirley Collado
Ithaca College

Personal Statement

From the moment I was accepted to IC I knew my education would prepare me with the necessary tools to continue to be a change agent. Bearing that in mind beyond the tangible honor of being an MLK Scholar, I made a commitment to continue King’s mission. In doing so I became the Community Council President of my residential learning community. From this experience, I decided to advocate outside of the scope of residential experiences and work with the student government serving as the senator for the class of 2021. Indeed both of these earlier experiences aided me at the end of my freshman year, as I was inducted on the Board of Trustees as a rising sophomore, where I am able to observe and participate in some of the critical inner workings of sustaining an institution such as IC. In between my time I served on and created various committees responding to issues within my campus community, along with a publication that entire purpose serves to amplify identities that are traditionally marginalized.The Newman Fellowship would provide me with necessary skills to continue being an agent of change in wider communities outside of IC.

Yetunde Smalls
Politics: Class of 2021
written 2020

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