Yamileth Renteria

Brown University

Yamileth Renteria, a sophomore at Brown University, is a student leader active in addressing issues of educational equity. For the last two years, she has worked closely with teachers and administrators at Hope High School and their students to provide in-class and after school tutoring in math and science. She currently co-coordinates this effort, recruiting, training, and leading more than 80 of her Brown student peers to engage with students at Hope High School. Yami is also a developer of Brown's Bonner Community Fellows program, building a structured, intensive, and intentional leadership development program that is centered around community engagement for Brown students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds.

Christina Paxson
Brown University

Personal Statement

Swearer Tutoring and Enrichment in Math and Sciences (STEMS) is a tutoring program at Hope High School in Providence. Brown University students volunteer in classrooms and afterschool to support Hope in their academics and build peer relationships that extend help beyond the classroom. It wasn't until I finished high school that I realized the importance of an education. The discrepancies in quality of education, investment of teachers and students, and the goals behind a degree vary across demographics, often limiting students beyond their time in school. Attending Brown, regardless of my experiences as a low-income student from a struggling public school, gave me a new privilege. So when I heard about a need the community had presented and realized I had the resources to help even just one student, I didn't hesitate to join. In my work as a co-coordinator of STEMS, I strive to work with Hope teachers and administrators to build their capacity and improve resources available for our students.

Access to an education with the best intentions for students is fundamental. I'm committed to doing all I can to ensure everyone has this right fulfilled. I'm honored for the chance to participate in this fellowship and meet others who share goals of social justice and empowerment.

Yamileth Renteria
Intended concentration is Education Studies: Class of May 2019
written 2017

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