Xylina Ulloa

SUNY Buffalo State

Xylina Ulloa, a junior at Buffalo State College, is a dynamic student committed to social justice, civic engagement, and community service. As a member, and then elected president of Buffalo State's Rotaract Club, Xylina has volunteered for significant community engagement activities, including raising significant funds to purchase much needed medical equipment for Haiti Outreach Pwoje Espwa (H.O.P.E), and organizing community service activities with numerous organizations across western New York. Xylina has also been active in Buffalo State's Alternative Break program, participating and planning community service trips focusing on food justice and poverty.

Katherine Conway-Turner
SUNY Buffalo State

Personal Statement

Taking part in the annual college wide Buffalo State College community event had me hooked on service! It was an amazing experience participating with people from all different walks of life, all giving their time and energy toward community. I observed the power of selflessness matched with cohesive effort and action to uplift the community. I've since remained an active community and campus service member focusing on hunger, food insecurity and poverty with the BSC Rotaract Club and the BSC Alternative Break Program. I believe it is a basic right and need of every individual to have access to proper nutrition regardless of economic status. By planning service events, educating and servicing alongside community members in food warehouses, the local food bank, soup kitchen as well as community gardens and a mobile produce market I hope to encourage fellow students, strangers and friends to become active citizens.
The quality of life of entire communities can be elevated if more of us realize how impactful and instrumental we can be with service, kindness and selflessness. I hope to gain further leadership skills, knowledge and tools surrounding civic engagement from the opportunities that accompany the Newman's Civic Fellowship.

Xylina Ulloa
Dietitian Education: Class of May 2019
written 2018

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