Xeo Griffa

Wayfinding Academy

Xeo Griffa, a first year student at Wayfinding Academy, is a connector among her peers on campus and someone who helps others shine and come alive in their learning. Her passion for advocating for equity and inclusion, especially related to access to housing and healthy food, has inspired her classmates to take on several projects in this area. When she is not in class engaging in conversations she can frequently be found reading from a library book while riding the public bus to meet with someone from a community organization that inspires her. In just her first few months, she has already conducted multiple informational interviews with people who inspire her to continue learning and growing and has gotten involved in several advocacy efforts. All while being a full-time student, working a part-time job and starting a freelance writing career.

Dr. Michelle Jones
Wayfinding Academy

Personal Statement

I became passionate about food justice when I was given the chance to experience just how much good food enhanced my physical and mental well being. I recognize the interconnectedness of food and housing insecurity and privatization, as well as the importance of being in community with my neighbors. A couple years ago, I started a Food Not Bombs chapter in Vermont. Ironically, housing instability forced me to leave before I could really get the group off the ground. I've since been dedicated to trying again. At Wayfinding, I've begun to work with my classmates to create a community garden and co housing project. My hope is to emphasize discussion, change making, and community building with these new projects.

Xeo Griffa
Self and Society: Class of 2020
written 2019

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