Victoria Myers

Saint Joseph's University

Victoria Myers is a junior Political Science major at Saint Joseph’s University (SJU) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Victoria is passionate about grassroots organizing, activism and learning about social movements. Whether with SJU students, in the local community or with elected officials globally, Victoria is committed to using her voice and amplifying the voices of others to invoke change. With her peers, Victoria exercises her leadership skills as a student senator for the class of 2022, a member of the Black Student Union, and an orientation team co-coordinator. Through these experiences, she works with other student leaders to create a more diverse and inclusive campus community that values SJU’s commitment of “with and for others.” Additionally, through an internship with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, Victoria worked at an under-resourced middle school promoting global citizenship and awareness. Furthermore, she developed her students’ skills in public speaking, critical thinking, research, and resolution writing. Finally, Victoria was selected by the US Secretary of State Department for her knowledge about declaring a target, defining concrete goals, and recognizing all the actors involved on how to improve US-Qatar relations. Whether on-campus, locally or globally, Victoria is a commendable force for social change.

Mark Reed
Saint Joseph's University

Personal Statement

My passion for civic engagement stems from my relationships with people in my community, and the belief that we have the power to make the changes we want to see when we work together. As a Black woman, I have used my voice to speak out against racial bias and injustice on my campus and within my community by developing language that promotes equity and inclusion. Utilizing this vocabulary and creating spaces for meaningful dialogue on social issues through my involvement in student organizations is one of the ways I work towards social change. My approach is intersectional, as I recognize that systems of oppression work together and are rooted in racism, sexism, and classism. Linking all forms of oppression is critical because it pushes us to see social issues, and the people affected by those issues, in the holistic way that is necessary to organize in my community for change. Innovation and collaboration must interesectionally address the social issues that citizens, especially marginalized groups, have fought for generations and acknowledge the systems that fuel cycles of inequality. Advocating for change is important, but amplifying the voices of those most affected by the issues is essential to any movement.

Victoria Myers
Political Science: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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