Ty Weber

Bowling Green State University

Ty Weber, a junior at Bowling Green State University (BGSU), is a student leader majoring in graphic design with a minor in philosophy, politics, economics, and law. Ty has integrated these academic interests to more fully understand and address social justice issues through design, critical dialogue, and intentional representation. Currently, Ty applies these skills as an intern at the BGSU Institute for the Study of Culture and Society to produce visual materials associated with programming that addresses social issues. As a developing artist, Ty is pursuing a career where art intersects with community activism to examine and address social issues. This has been evident in Ty's previous installation art, performance art, and video art exploring topics such as reclaiming space and discourse for indigenous peoples and critiquing performances of politicians and the media in increasing political polarization. Additionally, Ty has committed to service to the community through participation in Alpha Phi Omega and as a student representative of the Student Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion.

Dr. Rodney Rogers
Bowling Green State University

Personal Statement

I believe art and design are mediums that can hold nuanced and imperative dialogues that have the capacity to unite communities and spread powerful messages. I believe at the intersection of art theory and community activism, genuine discussions on sociopolitical and economic issues are heard. Where institution meets investigation, real progress can be made. My interests in community and design first came in contact in an interdisciplinary, service-learning art class I took my sophomore year, in which I partnered with organizers from our local Not in Our Town chapter to critically examine how the mission of their organization is captured through their representational media. From there, I began interning with the BGSU Institute for the Study of Culture and Society, using my designs to promote and support their mission of bringing academia back into contact with the community for the benefit of all. These experiences led me to join the Zeta Kappa chapter of Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, in order to better the campus and local community, as well as take a position with the Student Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion to secure an equitable and accessible learning environment for all students, faculty, and communities.

Ty Weber
Graphic Design: Class of 2020
written 2019

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