Tual Dim

Washington Adventist University

I am honored to provide support for this nominee. I met "Dim" approximately a year ago when she became a member of our university's chapter for the National Society for Leadership and Success. I was so impressed with her engagement in the chapter's activities, her professionalism and her desire to give her personal best that I also invited her to serve in the capacity of the Provost Office as our Student Professional. This year, I have the additional opportunity to provide mentorship to "Dim" as she serves in the capacity as president for our university's chapter of the National Society for Leadership & Success. During these months I have already been impressed with her support of chapter members as well as the members of her leadership team as they seek to grow in service and enlarge their capacity in making a positive difference for our world as envisioned through our institution's mission to refine and develop competent moral leaders. This mission aligns directly with the Newman Civic Fellow criteria and therefore, ensures that our Washington Adventist University nominee will not only meet - but exceed your expectations.

Dr. Weymouth Spence
Washington Adventist University

Personal Statement

I became interested in making a difference
through serving as leader for our university' chapter of the National Society for Leadership and Success when invited to serve in this capacity by its previous president. Equally important however, is the fact that women, from my country of Burma are typically discouraged from being actively involved in pubic positions or roles where they would be experienced as being in authority. In spite of this fact, I have learned that for me - it is essential that I grow as a leader so that I can be an advocate for those who are in need and who therefore, may not be able to advocate for themselves. It is for this reason, that I have also chosen the profession of nursing. Through this discipline, I can provide healing support for those who are not able to help themselves while also using my leadership skills to be an effective member of the health care delivery team.

Tual Dim
Nursing: Class of 2021
written 2019

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