Tristan Stockton

The University of Montana Western

Tristan Stockton is a junior majoring in Physical Education & Health K-12, with a minor in coaching. For the past three years he has been involved in Peers Advocating Toward Health (PATH) helping to inform Western’s student body on healthy lifestyle choices. Whether he is presenting on behalf of PATH in classrooms or workshops, participating in tabling events for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, assisting with Condom Bingo sexual health awareness, or helping with trivia nights for Healthy Colleges Montana, Tristan is always enthusiastic about improving the well-being of his fellow students. As a member of the Bulldog cheer team, he is vocal supporter of Western’s athletic teams, which requires approximately 10 hours of volunteer hours per week. After graduation, Tristan plans to use his degree to further his passion for helping young students by teaching health education in a rural Montana school where he feels he can have the most impact.
Beth Weatherby

Beth Weatherby
The University of Montana Western

Personal Statement

My inspiration to raise tobacco, alcohol, and other drug prevention awareness mainly stems from my high school years in Business Professionals of America (BPA). The local chapter would take the time to decorate the school for Red Ribbon Week. The purpose of Red Ribbon Week was to provide the students facts about tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs that aren’t always shown in ads. My involvement in this event was to educate students to a higher level of understanding about the risks involved with these products. Now that I am active in Peers Advocating Toward Health (PATH), I can help spread awareness and be able to provide useful tips that will help students in the future. Ways I’ve helped contribute to this are: assisting with condom bingo, giving presentations to freshmen about what our organization does, and presenting several other events that raise awareness in other areas of health. My goal is to promote healthy lifestyles to future generations to start a wave of positive change.

Tristan Stockton
Physical Education & Health K-12: Class of 2021
written 2020

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