Trent Siever

Rogers State University

Trent Siever is a public affairs major at Rogers State University and is a member of the President's Leadership Class and Honors' Program which are two prestigious and very competitive programs at RSU. He serves as the president of our Student Government Association and encourages all organizations to participate in community events as well as Trent volunteers with a group that helps the homeless population every Thursday evening by providing the necessary goods to survive on the street. Trent has been a leader at our freshmen Hillcamp helping incoming freshmen adapt to their new adventures at the college level. He is an outstanding leader for RSU.

Dr. Larry Rice
Rogers State University

Personal Statement

In addition to being the Student Government Association President, I have worked on firearm safety policies for universities and keeping our students safe on a statewide level. I am also a leader for Hillcamp where I enjoy working to make sure each student who comes to the Hillcat Nation finds their place here and makes the most of it. I have also worked with the Night Light Tulsa which helps provide resources to the homeless community. This allows me to see the needs of people and Oklahomans close to home. “Hillcats Helping Out” is another project I play a role in that is a student-led program that has the goal to make a positive impact in the community. The core goal of the program is not only to make an impact through donations, but to make a difference through personal relationships with community members. Last semester, we partnered with Memory Care Center at Emerald to give blankets and other goods to residents.

Trent Siever
Bachelor of Arts - Public Affairs Major: Class of 2022
written 2020

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