Travis Palmer

Bates College

Travis Palmer, a sophomore from Rumford, Maine, is passionate about creating educational opportunity for others. In the past year and a half at Bates, he has participated in numerous co-curricular activities and community-engaged learning projects designed to raise aspirations among local youth.

Before coming to Bates, Travis was elected to the Rumford School Board. As an elected official on the committee, Travis, who commutes home weekly for the meetings, models the importance of civic discourse. He works respectfully with other board members to solve problems and work through differences to find common ground.

Travis brought these skills to his work this fall on the Bates Carignan Fund, a student directed committee that awards funding to local non profits on a competitive basis. He empowered his peers by encouraging their best thinking and helped them come to decisions without imposing his will on the group. He listened thoughtfully and respectfully, helping the members reach consensus on which applications to fund.

Travis nurtures and builds community wherever he is. He will be a positive agent of change wherever he chooses to live and in whatever he chooses to do after his graduation from Bates.

Clayton Spencer
Bates College

Personal Statement

Although I was elected to my local school board and did much volunteer work within my hometown community, I was not truly aware of the full extent of community-engaged learning until I started my educational career at Bates. I took advantage of multiple opportunities within the Lewiston community, tutoring U.S. Civics to a Yemeni refugee and participating in a lead awareness initiative. My main passion lies with promoting college aspirations. I have assisted students with their FAFSA, volunteered at SAT preparation workshops, tutored students, and am currently attempting to establish a college aspirations program in my hometown. Having faced many adversities throughout my educational career, it is my belief that every student should have access to resources that allow them to explore their future, regardless of race or socioeconomic status. I aim to instill the goals and aspirations into students that will help them succeed. I strongly believe that a great leader is one who promotes justice by bringing people together and helping them work through differences. I take pride in the work I have achieved as a leader, but understand that there is still much work to be done.

Travis Palmer
Sociology: Class of 2021
written 2019

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