Tiffany Brinkman

DePaul University

Tiffany Brinkman is an English and Digital Cinema undergraduate student with a minor in Community Service Studies at DePaul University. The central focus of her educational goals is community engagement and civic leadership. Her commitments include serving at Erie Neighborhood House, an agency serving low-income immigrants, where she tutors young English learners; she is part of DePaul's Community Peacemakers program where she develops mentors high school students and works on violence prevention, a major concern throughout Chicago communities. Tiffany actively applies what she is learning and shares lessons learned with her peers. She was recently the guest speaker at DePaul University's Black Global Village and performs at Social Justice Theatre. As part of the performance A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer, she leads conversations on sexual assault, domestic violence, and gender-based violence.

Tiffany's academic background and diverse roles in the community make her a well-prepared campus leader and guide her to work toward social change. She is the recipient of DePaul's Scholar Award and DePaul's Community Service Scholarship and is on the Dean's list (2014-2016). She graduates in 2018 and will continue to employ her talents to create transformative civic initiatives in Chicago and the world.

Rev Dennis H Holtschneider CM
DePaul University

Personal Statement

I have always had a joy for community service, however, since my time at DePaul University my joy has transformed into a passion. Community service has become an integral part of my education and identity. Since I began my time at DePaul, I have completed 150 hours of service at multiple organizations around the city of Chicago and have served as a tutor, a mentor, a restorative justice teacher, and an artist. In these hours I have learned the importance of community. My volunteer work has taught me how to embrace diverse and growing communities as well as how to be a valuable member. The communities I have had the privilege of volunteering in have instilled in me trust, accountability, and mindfulness. I have learned that civic engagement is a give-and-take process. Both the volunteer and the service site must be willing to exchange knowledge and skills so that both parties will grow and prosper. My community service work has inspired me to pursue social justice and enact change through my passion for writing. By combining these passions-social justice and writing-I believe I will be able to make a difference in the communities I have come to value most.

Tiffany Brinkman
English and Digital Cinema : Class of 2018
written 2016

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