Theresa Edick

Colby-Sawyer College

Theresa Edick has been the driving force behind community service initiatives on the Colby-Sawyer Campus. Although she's only a sophomore, Theresa has been engaged in service since she stepped onto campus. This year she stepped up into the role of Community Service Club president and has begun to build new relationships with community partners throughout the year. She's truly strengthened the connection between the college and the New London community in many ways. Not only has Theresa helped to execute these projects but also to educate her peers about the importance of giving back and making connections with others in our local community. She strives to be as inclusive as possible and has built up a diverse population of student volunteers. In addition to being a leader for our local community service initiatives, Theresa is also one of the leaders for our Alternative Spring Break program. She has dedicated so much of her time raising funds and awareness for this important project. Theresa is really motivated to make the most of the new situations and her experience at Colby-Sawyer. Her positive nature rubs off on those around her. Theresa is confident in who she is and seems to really be able to handle herself well with her peers to keep them focused and positive. She is truly making a lasting impact at Colby-Sawyer, as well as in the local and global community.

Mr. Thomas Galligan Jr.
Colby-Sawyer College

Personal Statement

Growing up in a small town allowed me to feel like I could make a difference, that my voice would be heard. Throughout my schooling, I knew the value of community togetherness and therefore found a passion in connecting people. This feeling of community connection followed me into college as the President of the Community Service community and leader for the Alternative Spring Break club. I have continually worked with the New London Recreation department to strengthen the connection between the Colby-Sawyer community and New London through town and campus events. I hope organizing these events will help me to pass on my passion of strengthening communities.

Theresa Edick
Environmental Studies: Class of 2018
written 2016

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