Tevin Monroe

Merrimack College

Tevin Monroe is among the first fully online students in the graduate program in Community Engagement at Merrimack College. In addition to being a graduate student, Tevin is also the Assistant Director of Campus and Community Engagement at Transylvania University. As a person who is both Black and queer, Tevin is an active member of Merrimack College's Graduate Students of Color Association and he is also an informal mentor for students of color and LGBTQ students at Transylvania University. Tevin is an alum of the AmeriCorps program with a passion for motivating students, strengthening communities, and working toward social justice. Tevin seeks to advance strategic partnerships between colleges and communities to foster student development and retention; diversity, equity, and inclusion on college campuses; and stronger and healthier communities.

Christopher Hopey
Merrimack College

Personal Statement

I am the Assistant Director of Campus and Community Engagement at Transylvania University, where I oversee community engagement programming and work with student organizations. I became involved in community engagement when I participated in an Alternative Service Break (ASB) program as an undergraduate student. Rather than traveling domestically or internationally, this ASB program stayed local. I learned the value of local engagement while in college and it remains important to me. I am passionate about developing experiences for students to engage in their local community. I believe local engagement can sustain itself after the formal completion of a university-sanctioned experience. Local engagement also leads to strong partnerships between communities and universities. In my Master’s classes at Merrimack College, I have discovered a passion for connecting community engagement theory with the practice of supporting marginalized communities. I believe that theory “works” only when it works for the most vulnerable. I am considering doctoral work to continue to make theory accessible and relevant. As a person who is both Black and queer, my educational, professional, and voluntary activities are tangible ways in which I work toward my vision of a world in which academia is accessible to people who look like me.

Tevin Monroe
M.Ed in Community Engagement, concentration in Higher Education: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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